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About 51,000 home electrical fires happen every year, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. To make sure your family is as safe as possible at home, follow these 3 electrical safety tips:

1.Avoid Outlet Overload

Make sure the powerstrip you’re using is rated for an amount of voltage your outlet can handle. Don’t plug extension cords into adapters, as this can also overload the outlet.

2. Use extension cords safely

Many of us have saved a family dinner or graduation party by using an extension cord to plug in multiple devices to one outlet. These electrical safety tips will help you avoid a spark or fire when using an extension cord:

  • Don’t use indoor extension cords outside.
  • Longer cords can’t handle as much electrical current as shorter cords with the same gauge. Keep this in mind when purchasing extension cords.
  • Pull the plug, not the cord, out of an outlet to avoid plug damage and electric shock.

If you find yourself using multiple extension cords and powerstrips in your home, you may want to think about adding circuits or updating your electrical panel to accommodate your family’s electrical needs.

3. Water and Electricity Don’t Mix

Other than keeping electronics away from water, it’s also important not to handle cords when your hands are wet and to keep these appliances away from the sink. If you’re concerned your outlet is too close to the sink, consider having an electrician install a new outlet farther away.

It’s always a smart idea to re-evaluate your outlet and electrical equipment usage every year, especially if you have children. The team at Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning is certified to install, inspect, and repair your home’s electrical work, from home theaters to light fixtures to smoke detectors. For electrical safety and peace of mind in your Dallas home, call us today at (972) 268-9413 or visit our electrical services page.

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