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You may lock your door to protect your home from outside threats, but what are you doing to protect your HVAC system? With the hot summer in Dallas, Texas, comes threats to your unit’s health and efficiency. Protect your HVAC system, your comfort, and your budget from summer threats with these simple habits.

Don’t Push Your System

A Texas summer is one long threat to your comfort. The sweltering heat in the middle of the day may tempt you to blast the air conditioner, but doing so can harm your air conditioning system. The further you push your home’s temperature from the temperature outside, the harder your system must work to maintain comfort. That means the system will take on more strain to keep you cool. Train yourself to find ways to get comfortable with the thermostat setting between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seal Your Home

Cool air belongs in your home. However, if you have leaks somewhere in your home, cooled and controlled air will escape and warm air will invade your home. That heat transfer will force your system to overwork itself to maintain your thermostat setting. Over time, that strain will damage your system. Seal your home by laying weatherstripping along your door frames, running fresh caulk around windows, and insulating areas of the home that need it. Sealing your home will also reduce your utility costs and improve your comfort.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

The strain that summer threatens to place on your HVAC system can cause lasting damage to your unit. The longer your strained system goes unchecked, the more likely that you’ll cause more damage to it. To prevent both short- and long-term system damage, schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with your local HVAC technician. During the appointment, your technician will check the system for damage, clean components, and recommend any repairs. Maintenance will prevent lasting damage to your system and help you catch significant issues early.

Don’t put off preparing for threats to your HVAC system any longer. To schedule necessary HVAC maintenance, call Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning at 972-268-9413.

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