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Do you need to replace the electrical panel in your Wylie, Texas home? Deciding whether your home needs an electric panel replacement isn’t always straightforward. Here are a few things you should consider before making a decision.

Your Existing Panel May Not Be Safe

You probably don’t give it much thought, but your electrical panel is potentially one of the most dangerous things in your home. In addition to minor inconveniences like occasional power interruptions and burned-out light bulbs, a panel that is outdated or damaged may also pose a serious fire hazard. To make matters worse, you may not even know there’s a problem until something terrible happens. With that in mind, you can keep your family safe by upgrading your electrical panel to a newer and safer model installed by a professional electrician.

You May Need Upgraded Capacity

Can your existing service panel safely handle the entire electrical load of your home? If you have a panel that is more than 20 years old, or if you’ve recently added new big-ticket electrical appliances to your home, you may be in need of an upgrade. A 100-amp panel may be adequate for smaller homes with few major appliances, but most modern homes utilize 200-amp boxes to ensure there’s always enough overhead to handle whatever you throw at it.

Upgrading to a larger service panel is simply the best and safest way to expand your home’s electrical capacity. If you aren’t sure how to evaluate your home’s electrical needs, now is a good time to find out.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to home electric panel replacement, but it doesn’t need to be confusing. To get simple answers and expert advice on your home’s electrical service panel, check out Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning’s electrical panel services or call 972-268-9413 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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