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While there are plenty of home repair tasks you can take on yourself, many home repairs should be completed by a professional. When you tackle home maintenance tasks in your Dallas County, Texas home, you risk damaging your HVAC system, which can lead to more expensive repairs. Find out which repairs you should leave to the professionals and which ones you can handle yourself.


Many electrical projects require a permit, but if they don’t, a professional electrician should still perform them. Just one small error or improper tool could result in a serious injury or even cause a major fire in your home.


While small plumbing repairs, such as fixing a leaking toilet or a seal on a pipe, can easily be done with a little know-how, any plumbing repairs beyond that require a professional. Major changes to your plumbing system, such as extending or rerouting pipes, can result in a leak that damages significant portions of your home. Before attempting to take on these projects yourself, contact a plumber.

HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC system in your home includes a variety of parts, which makes maintaining the system complex. While you can handle some tasks on your own, such as replacing your air filter, most HVAC maintenance tasks are best left to the professionals. For instance, the fan blades in your outdoor AC unit will need to be periodically inspected for signs of damage, as well as your refrigerant lines. Some forms of damage are hard to detect with an untrained eye, but a professional will have no problem determining if your system needs repairs.

DIY Home Repairs

Although these major system repairs should be handled by a professional, there are still plenty of home repair projects you can handle yourself. Making plumbing repairs for small leaks, changing your air filters on a monthly basis, and sealing drafts in your home are all safe for the average homeowner.

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