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Technology is changing our day-to-day lives, and home comfort is no exception. Must-have technology like programmable thermostats, air cleaners, and zoning systems give you the ability to keep your family more comfortable and healthier while saving money on the utility bills in your Wylie, Texas home. Check out what makes these three updates crucial to your modern home.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to establish a daily schedule for the operation of your heating and cooling systems. When no one is home, the house gets warmer or colder to save energy. Then the HVAC unit comes on at a preset time so that the home is comfortable again when you arrive at the end of the day. If you find that you or someone in your family is going to be home sooner than expected or away longer than planned, you can adjust most programmable thermostats using your smartphone.

Air Cleaners

Home comfort involves more than just temperature, especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Clean air means better health for someone prone to respiratory difficulties. Systems like CleanEffects™ can remove more than 99 percent of the impurities in the air so everyone can breathe easier. Unlike older systems, these air cleaners don’t require filters or other expensive components.

Zoning Systems

Zoning systems let you customize your home’s heating and cooling patterns even beyond that of programmable thermostats. If you have rooms in your home that are rarely used or only used for storage, you probably don’t need to keep them at the same temperature as the rooms where you sleep, eat, and spend the majority of your time. With zoning, you can direct the conditioned air into particular rooms or segments of the house.

Taking advantage of must-have technology that’s available can save you money and give you a more comfortable, healthier home. But it can be confusing to figure out what will work best for you. Call on the professionals for help. At Allstars Electric Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge to walk you through every possibility available to you. Call us today at 972-268-9413 to get started on a comprehensive plan to incorporate the latest advances into your home.

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